Netherlands East Indies: VOC Ducatoon
Holland - Silver Rider 1728-1741

A silver VOC Ducatoon of the Province of Holland, Netherlands having on the reverse Armored knight, brandishing sword on galloping horse.
Diameter43. mm
Thickness2.? mm
Weight Legal32.78 gms
Weight31.33 gms
voc_rider_ag_reverse voc_rider_ag_obverse
Scholten 29b : DEL# 1061 KM#
Obverse : Silver Rider Ducatoon. Dordrecht in Holland mint. MON:FOED:BELG:PRO:HOLL:IN USUM SOCIET:IND:ORIENT. along periphery within beaded rim. This abbreviated Latin legend may be transcribed as: MONeta FOEDeratarum BELGii PROvinciarum HOLLandiae IN USUM SOCIETatis INDiae ORIENTalis which translates as "Coin of the province of Holland in the United Netherlands for use of the East India Company". Armored knight, brandishing sword in right hand, right on galloping saddled horse; Shield (crowned coat-of-arms of Holland) below; above L:IN of legend.
Reverse : CONCORDIA RES PARVAE CRESCUNT which translates to In harmony small things grow (Sallust, Roman historian). 1740above, crowned coat-of-arms of the Dutch Republic with crowned lion supporters on either side; below, Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (Dutch East India Company 1602-1800) monogram VOC within ornate frame.

I thank Jan Lingen who kindly permited me to use the image of this rare Silver Rider Ducatoon from his collection, which he uploaded to zeno which have been reduced to 600 dpi and displayed at 150 dpi.
Ex CNG, Triton XVIII, 2015 Januari 6-7, lot 1636. From the Joseph R Lasser Collection for the benefit of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Ex Westerhof 9 (28 March 1992), lot 785.