circa 1712 - Dutch Ceylan

Wreath Series - Six Stuiver

The 6 Stuivers piece, was made from Japanese copper rods . A long flat copper bars struck on each end vary in length from 98 to 127 mm, nor is their weight constant.

DenominationSix Stuiver
Length118. mm
Width(max)17. mm
Thickness mm
Weight Legal82.4 gms
Weight76.52 gms
Schloten 1288a; Mitchiner #Unlisted; Krause #22

Obverse : St within leafy wreath at left end of bar and VI in similar wreath at right end of bar
Reverse : same design as obverse

KM21S1288a*RRRSix on both sides to right VI and to left St
KM22S1288bRRRSixVI repeated on obverse, St repeated on reverse

Scholten states clearly the date is uncertain on this type A Stuiver copper coin are assumed to have been struck at Colombo mint. Circa 1712 is listed in Krause with unknown source. According to Jan Lingen the wreath type coin was already current in 1674 and the 1712 date is much to late

This coin is listed as RRR (extremely Rare) in Scholten.
The Dick Ford collection (in Taisei-Baldwin-Gillio Auction#19 1995 February 23 Singapore lot#48) sold for hammer price of US$1,400/-.(+10% buyers premium). It has a curious DXCII (roman 592) written accross the middle of the lower image. According to Jan Lingen . quite often museums in olden days put their inventory number on the objects concerned.

Text from
* The Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories- 1601-1948
  C. Scholten, 1953, Amsterdam: Jacques Schulman.

I thank Jan Lingen who kindly sent me a 600dpi scan of this VF coin from his collection. The images was compessed to 200dpi to enable the full image to be displayed on most moniters and displayed at 150dpi.