Dutch - 1644 - Batavia

VOC - Quarter Stuiver

The East India Company of Batavia by a placard of 1644 August 19, it was decided to grant the Chinaman named Conjok the sole right to cast copper Half and Quarter Stuivers for use in Banda, Malacca. and Ceylan. A prohibition (despatch from Netherlands of 1644 Sept. 21) demonetized this emergency coinage in the Archipelago.

DenominationQuarter Stuiver
Diameter25.5 mm
Thickness mm
Weight Legal3.86 gms
Weight3.96 gms
1644_batavia_Qst_obverse 1644_batavia_Qst_reverse
Scholten#19 Indonesia KM#30

Obverse : The arms of Batavia (vertical sword) in inner circle along periphery the legend BATAVIA · ANNO · 1644 · with date on top and within outer circle
Reverse : VOC monogram below the value · ¼ · ST · all within a line circle.
VOC monogram of the Dutch East India Company has a large V superimposed on OC.

In Schloten the 1644 Quarter Stuivers is listed as very rare RR.
Those coins were issued around the time the Dutch were displacing the Portuguese from the coast of Lanka.

Edited from
The Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories- 1601-1948
  C. Scholten, 1953, Amsterdam: Jacques Schulman.

I thank Jan Lingen who kindly sent me a 300dpi scan of this VF coin from his personal collection. The images are displayed at 300dpi.