1963 - 1971 - Ceylon

LANKA - Twenty Five

A definitive decimal currency TwentyFive cent copper-nickel coin.

Denomination25 cents
Diameter18.0 mm
Thickness.0 mm
Weight3.24 gms
EdgeSecurity edge
Lanka_25c_obverse Lanka_25c_reverse
KM #131

Obverse : The Armorial Ensign of Ceylon.

Reverse : The large numeral 25 with the value TWENTY FIVE CENTS in Sinhala, Tamil and English below and year of issue at the bottom within a circle of the traditional Sinhala Liyavela art with Lanka in Sinhala on top.

Year Alloy Issue Mint Proof
1963 Cu-Nickel 30,000,000
1965 Cu-Nickel 8,000,000
1971 Cu-Nickel 24,000,000 Yes

The Proof coin was scaned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 300dpi.