1948 - 1971 - Ceylon

Independent Ceylon

1947.Ceylon reached fully responsible status within the British Commonwealth when the Ceylon Independence Act, 1947, came into force on the 4th February, 1948.

1948. A Royal Proclamation dated 22nd June, 1948, appointed that the words Emperor of India or Indiae Imperator should be omitted from His Majesty's Style and Titles on all coins, medals and seals. Mr. T. H. Paget was commissioned to make plaster casts from the crowned effigy of His Majesty King George VI with the following inscription KING GEORGE THE SIXTH, for the coinage of Ceylon.

Queen Elizabeth II 1952-

1963. Crowned Ceylon coat of arms replaces monarchy on obverse of coin.

Text edited from
* The Coins of the British Commonwealth of Nations
F. Pridmore, London, Spink & Son Ltd., 1960.