1953 - 1962 - Ceylon - Elizabeth II

The elder daughter (born 1926 April 21st) of King George VI, succeeded to the throne as Elizabeth II on 1952 February 6th following his death, and was crowned on 1953 June 2nd.

The obverse of the coin carries crowned head to right. The definitive decimal currency Two cent Nickel Brass coin, is the only Ceylon coin with her image.

KM124 Two Cent nickel-brass coin

In 1956, the British Monarch portrait was replaced with the Armorial Ensigns of Ceylon and the main letterings changed from English to Sinhala. New currency notes were issued 1956 July 30th, and new coins were issued in 1963.

Lankan coins of other denominatione were never minted with Queen Elizabeth II. Orders for other denominatione from 1959 April 17th to as late as 1962 July 17th whivc used older dies. These orders were from both the Indian Government Mints untill 1959 April 17th and the Royal Mint in London from 1959 April 30th.

I find it amusing that the Indian Government was Minting Coins for Ceylon with legend "George VI King and Emperor of India" till 1959 and the Royal Mint in London till 1962, a full 10-years after Queen Elizabeth II succeeded to the throne. Read more discussion on these ReStrike coins.