1st - 3rd Century AD - Lanka

Anuradhapura Period - `Lakshmi' Plaques

A display of the collection of `Lakshmi' Plaques to same scale with links to individual pages for them. Click here for overview.

Cast Full Lakshmi Plaque Flaked
1c_o 1c_r 1s_o 1s_r flake_o flake_r
upper fragment Cast mini Lakshmi Plaque
xfrag_o xfrag_r h_o h_r he_o he_r he2_o he2_r hr_o hr_r
Struck Lakshmi Plaque Seated Bull Seated Lakshmi
s1_o s1_r s1b_o s1b_r ss1_o ss1_r
Struck metallic Struck lead Mini Four-dots
1ag_o 1ag_r 1pb_o 1pb_r he3_o he3_r
Uncleand as found in Ruhuna
unclean1_o unclean1_r unclean2_o unclean2_r

The coins were scanned at 300 or 600dpi and displayed at 150dpi.