1st-3rd Century AD - Lanka

`Lakshmi' Plaques - Cast

A cast plaque of normal size with goddess Lakshmi on obvese and a railed svastika on reverse.

Height33.2 mm
Width17.3 mm
Thickness3.0 mm
Weight6.53 gms
lakshmi_flake_obverse lakshmi_flake_reverse
Obverse : goddess Lakshmi standing between two stalks of a plant.
Reverse : railed svastika revolving to right (clockwise).

The metal is brittle and flakes easily; there is a general tendency to split at the junction of the moulds, as if the obverse and the reverse had been cast separately and then soldered together.
The analysis of a small plaque weighing 21.5 grains, made at the instance of Mr P. E. Pieris, yielded the following result :-
Lead - 59.93%Copper - 14.84% Silica - 0.62%Iron - 0.14% Nickel - A trace

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The coin was scanned at 300dpi and displayed at 200dpi. This broken Plaque was purchased with an exquisite fragment . in 1995 at a coin show in Baltimore, USA and motivated the restart of this Lankan coin collection.

Text edited from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
  Page 26 Chapter III - Ancient Coins - Plaques