1st-3rd Century AD - Lanka

`Lakshmi' Plaques - Cast

A cast plaque of normal size with goddess Lakshmi on obvese and a railed svastika on reverse.

Height31.8 mm
Width12.6 mm
Thickness3.5 mm
Weight5.88 gms
lakshmi_1s_obverse lakshmi_1s_reverse
Obverse : goddess Lakshmi standing between two stalks of a plant. The two small elephants with water pots visible close to head, for more details of which click here .
Reverse : railed svastika revolving to right (clockwise). On left a flower pot and on the right a hour-glass symbol refered to in Parker as the Aum monogram with straight sides. (see Plate 47.)

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The coin was scanned at 300dpi and displayed at 200dpi. It was obtained in November 1999 from a dealer in Galle.