Comparison of Published images
of a Ceylon Fanam Token

The silver Ceylon fanam token was struck in locally in 1814. I compare printed images of this small 9 MM coin in Various editions of Codrington's 1924 book on Coins and Currency of Ceylon as well as few other publications scanned and displayed at 600 dpi

1924 Edition
Codrington Original
1924 First Edition
Steel Etched - 400 dpi
1975 Reprint
1975 Colombo Museum Reprint
Lithograph from 1924 Edition
Dot Print - 200 dpi
1993 Reprint
1993 Colombo Museum Reprint
Lithograph of 1975 Reprint
Dot Print - 200 dpi
1960 Pridmore
1960 Pridmore catalog
Dot Print - 200 dpi
1998 Lakdiva Website
1998 Lakdiva website
Direct Scan - 600 dpi
2001 Krause Catalog
Krause catalog - from Lakdiva
Dot Print - 200 dpi

I hope to add a few more 600 dpi scanned images from of this token from other catalogs for comparison.
If anyone can provide me a 600 dpi scan of this token from the Indian 1994 reprint of Codrington please E-mail it to me.

I have my Grandfather's copy of the 1924 Edition of Codrington's Coins and Currency. Although most of the text pages are brittle the 7 plates printed on better paper are in excellent condition. In 2004 March, Ed Krivoniak an expert Numismatist in Pittsburgh scanned the seven plates for me at 1200 dpi on a high resolution 2400 dpi scanner and made me a set of prints which are almost better than the original.

The illustration above show that web-publishing is now lot cheaper and lot better than most printed books.

See also scanned images of the full plates.