Cape Coin Heritage set

Coins included in the set of 30 Gold Plated Sterling Silver medallion Reproductions Our Cape Coin Heritage 1600 - 1834 issued by the Africana Commemorative Mint in 1978 in a lockable wooden display case with a blue & white porcelain tile on top. Space for each medallion on a red felt array. Two hardcover booklets giving the history of each coin fit into a pocket in lid. The issue price per medal was 29 SA-Rand (US$33.33 in 1978) Total Limited sets 5000.

 The Dutch Collection

 Zeeland Hoedjes-Schelling                          1672  E P
 Silver Rijder                                      1673  E P
 Rijksdaalder                                       1674  E
 Three-guilder piece                                1682  E P
 Batavian Republic three-Guilder piece              1800
 Louis Napoleon Rijksdaalder,                       1809  E P

 The British Collection

 Charles II, Crown                                  1662  E P
 William & Mary, Crown                              1692
 Anne, Crown                                        1703  E P
 George II, Crown                                   1736  E P
 George III, Cartwheel Penny                        1797
 George III, Crown                                  1818  E

 The Seaborne Empires

 British East India, four Reales                    1600  E P
 Dutch East India, one Duit                         1745  E
 Brazil, 320 Reis                                   1783  E P
 Dutch East Indies, quarter Guilder                 1802
 Ceylon, George IV Rix Dollar                       1821   L
 British East India Company, William IV, one Rupee, 1834    P

 The Dollar Dynasties

 Spain, "Piece of eight"                            1691
 Spain, Phillip V Dollar                            1732
 Spain, Charles IV Mexican Dollar                   1791    P
 Austria, Maria Theresa Thaler                      1786  E P
 Austria, Francis II, Thaler                        1804
 Prussia, Frederick William III, Thaler             1803

 Tavern of the Seas

 France, Louis XIV, half Ecu                        1709  
 Portugal, Moidore                                  1712  E
 Venice, one Scudo                                  1769
 Russia, Catherine II five Kopek                    1789
 France, Napoleon I twenty Francs                   1813  E P
 France, Louis XVIII twenty Francs                  1814    P

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