1821 - Replica Medallion

Ceylon - Silver Rix Dollar

Discussion to determine origin of A gold plated sterling silver proof like medallion copying the design of the 1821 Ceylon Silver Rix Dollar.

Kavan asked It is a nice Fantasy. Clearly not a 1821 coin. Could you please let me know its weight, thickness. Where did you get it from. Is it of Thai manufacture. Are you sure it is gold-plated Silver. The weight would have helped confirm. Could you weigh it.

Phairin the eBay seller said This coin is 45 mm. diameter and 3 mm. thick. It came form Thai antique shop.I think that it made of Ceylon not Thai manufacture. Sorry for the weight. I am sure it is gold-plated Silver that the seller told me, I am not check.

Mikell99 an eBay dealer from whom I have purchased a few Ceylon Silver Dumps said the 1821 gold gilt of one rix dollar is a modern issue. There is a series of coin from selected country most of it, British colonial. Mint by British royal mint in late 1960. It's regards as commemorate medal.

Bruce, Colin, of Krause and editor of Unusual World Coins said I don't know of these so I sent the inquiry to Richard Lobel in London.

Richard Lobel, of CoinCraft said Sorry don't know anything about it.

Paul Baker of UK writes Bits such as the word "ONE" on the reverse being slightly different sized and spaced.... (suggesting re-done dies) and the lack of designer's initials on the obverse point away from this being British Royal Mint Product.

Jan Lingen of NL said I looked at it as carefully as I could. It looked like a pattern medalic-issue of very high quality. The only thing against a contemporary issue, is the lettering. The letters differ somewhat of the type they used early in the 19th century. It would be interesting to find out who have been the producer.

Tuan Sallay, who is retired from Central Bank of Ceylon said 1821 Ceylon Rix Dollar is something which I believe was done by the Royal Mint on their own and the Central Bank as currency issuing authority had nothing to do with it.

Howard Simmons a leading dealer in UK said Definitely not the British Royal Mint and my guess is that they were made within the last 10-15 years.

Joe Cribb curator of Coins in British Museum said The gold-plated piece is unknown to me. I think it unlikely that the Royal Mint would make such a thing, but you could ask them.

Graham Dyer, curator of Royal Mint Museum said The 1821 rix dollar replica was definitely not produced by the Royal Mint, but I fear that I can throw no other light on its origin.

Richard Doty, curator of the National Numismatic Collection in the Smithsonian Museum of American History said The portrait of George IV is inaccurate. It could be of Thai origin.

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