1815 - Ceylon - REPLICA

Two Stiver

A modern replica of a Two Stiver copper coin struck at the Royal Mint for circulation in Ceylon.

DenominationOne Stiver
Diam Legal34. mm
Diam Replica33.6 mm
Thickness2.8 mm
Weight Legal18.14 gms
Weight mean14.61 gms
Weight this17.76 gms
1815_2st_fake_obverse 1815_2st_fake_reverse
Pridmore #90; Mitchiner #2221; Krause #82

Obverse : Laur and draped bust to right. Around margin GEORGIUS III D:G : BRITANNIARUM REX
Reverse : Within plain rim an elephant facing left and above, CEYLON around rim; TWO STIVER in a single line; and below 1815.

A sample of 7 replica had a mean weight of 14.61 grams with a rms standard deviation of 1.56 grams with a minimum weight of 12.91 grams and a max weight of 17.76 grams. That is about 20% lighter on average than correct weight, with a large rms dispersion of 11%. Some replica may be close to expected weight. The diameter is 1% smaller than the Genuine coin.

These cast replica can be identified by the soft nature of the design and typical surface bubbles from cast.

I have seen then Frequently sold on eBay as Genuine since around 2007, and have reported them.

The coin was scanned at 600dpi and the images are displayed at 200dpi.
It was given to me by a friend few weeks before a known dealer in Lanka, who brought a lot of them to me for evaluation in 2011 June.