1802 - Ceylon - Cast REPLICA

1/96 Rix-dollar - Half Stiver

A modern replica of a Half Stiver copper coin struck in England for circulation in Ceylon.

DenominationHalf Stiver
Diameter legal23.5 mm
Diameter Replica29.7 mm
Thickness1.8 mm
Weight legal4.92 gms
Weight mean 8.14 gms
Weight sample 8.48 gms
1802_f96rd_fake_obverse 1802_f96rd_fake_reverse
Pridmore #86; Mitchiner #2219; Krause #74

Obverse : Within a circle of annulets between two plain circles an elephant facing left and year 1802 below.
Reverse : Within a circle of annulets between two plain circles; CEYLON.GOVERNMENT divided at top by cinquefoil (*). 96 the fractional value to the Rix-dollar at center within a cord circle.

A lot of 3 replica had a mean weight of 8.14 grams with a rms standard deviation of 0.67 grams with a minimum weight of 7.37 grams and a max weight of 8.58 grams. That is about 65% heavier on average than correct weight, with a large rms dispersion of 8%. The diameter is 26% larger than the Genuine coin which is also clearly unexpected, for any contemporary forgery. These coins must be modern replica.

These cast replica can be identified by the soft nature of the design and typical surface bubbles from cast. The 96 has been redrawn in a very different style. There is no line under the 96 as in the Genuine coin for this denomination.

The replica was scanned at 600dpi and the images are displayed at 200dpi.
It was obtained from a known dealer in Lanka, who brought a lot of them to me for evaluation in 2011 June.