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Summaries of Selected Discussions

Compiled in links below are some of the discussions on southasia-coins eGroup which have information of interest to the LakdivaCoins website. Some of the discussion originated from questions I have asked on that eGroup, and other are those to which I have contributed. I append to same link discussions on the same theme even after a lapse of a few months.

Summaries of some Selected Discussions from other lists.

Note: I have slightly edited/corrected text based on discussion to remove any unnecessary text, duplication or discussion outside the topic. Many postings often branch off to discuss other topics which were linked out to a supplement page to keep each text focussed on the topic of discussion. To get some uniformity the text was also reformatted and broken into paragraphs when necessary to help improve readability.

We must thank everyone who posted replies to questions. I have listed some of the major contributors to each discussion topic. I selected posts based on subject line and may have missed few. Please let me know southasia-coins eGroup message number if I have missed any post which should be included. Many of the headlines don't always indicate content. When joining in the discussions please follow CyberSpace etiquette.

I compiled only few of the discussions and hope other members will make summaries like linked above on topics of interest to them so that these dialogs on South-Asia Coins eGroup can be saved and shared before being lost in a pile of E-mail.