~1712 - Dutch Ceilon

Wreath Series - Six Stuiver

The 6 Stuivers piece, was made from Japanese copper rods . A long flat copper bars struck on each end vary in length from 98 to 127 mm, nor is their weight constant.

DenominationSix Stuiver
Length112. mm
Width mm
Thickness mm
Weight Legal84.0 gms
Schloten 1288b; Mitchiner #Unlisted; Krause #21

Obverse : VI in leafy wreath (type Aa) at both ends
Reverse : St in similar wreath at both ends

KM21S1288*RRRSix on both sides to right VI and to left St
KM22S1288bRRRSixVI repeated on obverse, St repeated on reverse

It appears that this type A Stuiver copper bar coin were struck at Colombo mint. This coin is listed as extremely Rare in Scholten.

Text from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
  Page 132 Chapter X Dutch - Coins of the Eastern Mints. Plate 122.
* The Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories- 1601-1948
  C. Scholten, 1953, Amsterdam: Jacques Schulman.

This extremely Rare bar is unlikely to be found for this coin collection. The image is from Scholten, scanned and 72dpi and displayedat 100dpi.