~1712 - Dutch Ceilon

Wreath Series - Two Stuiver

The Two Stuivers are only Wreath series are found only as a leafy wreath (type Aa) belonging to issues of the mint in Colombo.

DenominationTwo Stuiver
Diameter23.0 mm
Thickness mm
Weight Legal28.80 gms
Weight25.82 gms
wreath_2st_cu-dump_obverse wreath_2st_cu-dump_reverse
Schloten 1290a; Mitchiner #2172; Krause #20

Obverse : II st within a wreath revolving clockwise (leaves point to left on top Schloten Type Aa) as in coin shown.
Reverse : Similer

KM20S1289a*RTwoII St in leafy wreath (Aa) on both sides
KM20S1289bRTwoon one side II.St
KM20S1289cRTwoII and St of equal size
KM20S1289dSTwoleafy wreath (type Ab)

It appears that this type A Stuiver copper dump coin were struck at Colombo mint. According to Mitchiner the 2-Stuiver only occurs in the "top leaves left" series.

Text from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
  Page 132 Chapter X Dutch - Coins of the Eastern Mints. Plate 131.
* The Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories- 1601-1948
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The coin was scanned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 250dpi. It was obtained in November 1999 from Waruna Jayasinghe, an antiques dealer in Kandy, Lanka.