~1712 - Dutch Ceilon

Wreath Series - One Stuiver

The Single Stuiver are only Wreath series denomination to be found in all three types apparently belonging to issues of three different mints Colombo, Jaffnapatnam and Negapatnam?

DenominationOne Stuiver
Diameter21.0 mm
Thickness mm
Weight Legal14.40 gms
Weight14.72 gms
wreath_1st_cu-dump_obverse wreath_1st_cu-dump_reverse
Codrington 124; Schloten 1290c; Mitchiner #2176; Krause #19.1

Obverse : I st within a wreath of leaves pointing to right on top (revolving anticlockwise - Schloten Type Ab)
Reverse : Similer

KM19.1S1290c Oneleafy wreath (type Ab)

It appears that this type A Stuiver copper dump coin were struck at Colombo mint.

Text from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
  Page 131 Chapter X Dutch - Coins of the Eastern Mints. Plate 124.
* The Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories- 1601-1948
  C. Scholten, 1953, Amsterdam: Jacques Schulman.

The coin was scanned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 300dpi. It was purchased in October 1998 on ebay.