1789 - 1793 - Ceilon

Trincomalee VOC - One Stuiver

Single Stuivers VOC copper dump coins from Dutch Mint in Trincomalee which was setup by Res. of Aug 26, 1789.

DenominationOne Stuiver
Diameter19. mm
Thickness mm
Weight Legal13.35 gms
Weight12.98 gms
1791_voc_t_1st_cu-dump_obverse 1791_voc_t_1st_cu-dump_reverse
Schloten 1350a; Mitchiner #2197; Krause #34

Obverse : VOC monogram, below T (Trincomalee).
Reverse : I between two rosettes of four dots each. .:. above S T ( two line below T ) year 179(1) at bottom.
Both sides within bead and line circles.
VOC monogram of the Dutch East India Company has a large V superimposed on OC.

KM34S1348 R1789
KM34S1349 S1790Similar
KM34S1349aS1791Thick monogram
KM34S1350aS1791Large monogram
KM34S1350bS1791Monogram narrower with a dot In centre
KM34S1351 S1792Rev. Small letters
KM34S1352*S1793Monogram narrow, large T

The Mint at Trincomalee also became permanent although a Res. of Aug 26, 1789 states that minting was to be "for this occasion only". For the most part the coins made here are square or at any rate very irregular in shape. The Stuivers were struck in accordance with the Res. of Mar.13, 1783 and in agreement with the weight of the Stuivers of Colombo. The minting of Dudus anywhere but at Colombo was disapproved of by Batavia. Since, however, the Mint at Colombo was already overtaxed and it had to rush to be able to supply Jaffna and Galle with coining material before the end of the sailing season.

In the "Catalogue of Coins in the Colombo Museum" (1914). H. W. Codrington ascribes these coins to Tuticorin. The official records however, point out clearly, that they were struck at Trincomalee and in "Memoirs of the Colombo Museum" (1924) Codrington corrects this error. Vide also Res. Colombo vol. CC of Sep.21, 1790. Codrington Memoirs, p. 229.

Text from
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The coin was scanned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 300dpi. It was purchased in April 1999 from the John Madlon collection of Dutch Ceylon copper dumps.