1783 - 1793 - Ceilon

Jaffna VOC - Two Stuiver

Two Stuivers VOC copper dump coins from Dutch Mint at Jaffna in accordance with the Resolution of 1783 March 13th.

DenominationTwo Stuiver
Diameter26. mm
Thickness mm
Weight Legal26.70 gms
Schloten 1320a; Mitchiner #2198; Krause #29

Obverse : I (Jaffna) above VOC monogram between Annulets; Value 2.S. below.
Reverse : Year 1783; Annulet O above; value in Tamil @:y. = 1/2 P (1/2 fanam) below;
Both sides within Rim of dashes.

KM29S1320a RR 1783The monogram between 0-0, : between Tamil letters and . after latter. Annulet o above date. iRm of dashes.
KM29S1320b RR 1783larger Tamil letters, no dot after them
KM29S1320c RR 1783monogram between .-. Rev. . above date and . between Tamil letters, dotted rim
KM29S1320d RR 1783similar, . after date
KM29S1320e RRR 1783monogram with 0 0 in lieu of 0 C
KM29S1321a RRR 1784'.. between Tamil letters
KM29S1322 RRRR1786(over 1783) [1 Moquette Sale (1929) No.320 only.]
KM29S1323 RRRR1787with two dots above and one dot under the 8, 7 upside down
KM29S1324a*RR 1788Monogram between : - : and 2 5 Rev. as No. 1321a, ... above Tamil letters,
KM29S1324b RR 1788similar with <.:.>-><.:.> and : 2 S Rev. Tamil preceded by :
KM29S1324c RR 1788as b Rev. 1788
KM29S1325a RR 1792 with <:.>-+ and: 2 S (2 S divided by a short upright stroke); dot after date
KM29S1325c RR 1792as a with 2.S

See also companion list of Jaffna 2 Stiver coins with Tamil letters interchanged.

To the end of their rule the Dutch had a special system for counting taxes at Jaffna: 5 doits = 1 tammekas; 10 tammekas = 1 fanam; 12 fanams = 1 rixdollar.

Minting in Jaffna as was also done at Galle, was under the supervision of the local employees of the Company. The text is in Tamil which had been the vernacular of Jaffna, in the North of Lanka, for centuries. Sinhala was used on the coins minted in Galle in the South of the Island.

The Stuivers were struck in accordance with the weight of the Stuivers of Colombo. The minting of Dudus anywhere but at Colombo was disapproved of by Batavia. Since, however, the Mint at Colombo was already overtaxed and it had to rush to be able to supply Jaffna and Galle with coining material before the end of the sailing season.

Tin Double Stuiver. Jaffna 1783.

1783Obv. VOC between <&>-<&>, below I (Jaffna), above 2.S.
Rev. 1783 over which <&>, below in Tamil the value '8~salli" = 8 doits.
Rim of dashes on both obv. and rev.
[From Grogan and White King collections only. Codrington 29. Type I]

Text from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
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The images are from Scholten, scanned and 100dpi and displayed at 200dpi.