RRRR - 1786 - Ceilon

Jaffna VOC - One Stuiver

One Stuivers VOC copper dump coins from Dutch Mint in Jaffna in accordance with the Resolution of 1783 March 13th.

DenominationOne Stuiver
Diameter19.6 mm
Thickness5.6 mm
Weight Legal13.35 gms
Weight12.72 gms
1786_voc_j_1st_cud_obverse 1786_voc_j_1st_cud_reverse
Schloten Unlisted; Krause #27 1786 Rare

Obverse : .:. (5 dots) above VOC monogram. Value I S below.
Reverse : Year 1786 above value in Tamil UY = 1/4 P (1/4 fanam)
VOC monogram of the Dutch East India Company has a large V superimposed on OC.

This rare dump was a serendipitous discovery by me in Galle, Lanka in the remainder of a large clearly genuine hoard of about 25 one Stiver dumps. I was told the hoard was found under a Culvert, some months previously. At the Time I picked through them, all were from Colombo Mint except for this Jaffna Stiver and another from Trincomalee. Some other dealer had purchased all of the well recognized British era elephant dumps in it. The lack of numismatic knowledge on these rare dumps worked in my favor.

Scholten S1328 listed as of the utmost rarity (RRRR) a Jaffna 1 Stiver coin where the usual I Mint mark above the VOC mint mark has been replaced by 4 dots. This 1786 coin of same variety not listed in Scholten is probably as rare and has so far unpublished. Year 1786 is listed at Rare in KM.

In the 1995 Dick Ford collection (Taisei-Baldwins-Gillio #19) A 1783 coin of 4-dots type (lot#82) sold for $320+10%. A 1786 with usual I (lot#83) also not listed in Scholten and year listed in KM as rare did not sell probably because of poor questionable quality.

Edited from
The Coins of the Dutch Overseas Territories- 1601-1948
  C. Scholten, 1953, Amsterdam: Jacques Schulman.

This dump coin was scanned at 600 dpi and displayed at 300 dpi. It was discovered in 2003 May in a dealers shop in Galle.