Netherlands, Holland: 1601
Silver RoosSchelling

A variety of the Schelling of the United Province of Holland, Netherlands having on the reverse a floriated cross surmounted by a rose. It is consequently also known as the Escalin a la Rose. First struck in 1601 the coinage extended to the middle of the eighteenth century.

Denomination6 Stuivers
Diameter30.9 mm
Thickness0.9 mm
Weight Legal5.27 gms
Weight4.45 gms
1601_hol_roos_6st_ag_obverse 1601_hol_roos_6st_ag_reverse
Holland KM#7
Obverse : Crowned shield of Holland with standing lion, an elliptical band below and behind it. within a circle of dots. Date 1601 on top divided by the top of the crown. with a · on either side. Clockwise Latin Legend along periphery within plain circle MO · NO · COM · HOLLANDIÆ · ending with rosette Mint mark. This abbreviated Latin legend may be transcribed as: Moneta Nova Comitatus Hollandiae which translates as "New Coin of the country of Holland
Reverse : Floriated cross surmounted by a rose within a circle of dots Clockwise Latin Legend along periphery within plain circle CONFID ENTES VIGILA TEDEO expands to Confidentes Vigilate Deo which translates as "Be alert, you all who trust in God"

Codrington X§26 Schellin RoosSchelling lists coins from West Friesland Zeeland Urecht and Holland all from 1601 are found in Lanka.

See also online image of higher grade coin

This RoosSchelling is 15% under-weight which may be accounted for by ware during circulation and the probable light shaving of the edge often seen in coins of this Era.

The uncleaned VF condition coin was scanned at 600dpi and displayed at 250dpi.
It was obtained in 2010 September from a Lankan Dealer as part of a small hoard of silver (1600-1669) coins which also included 9 Double Stuiver coins from Zeeland 7 Double Stuiver coins from Overijssel, a Double Stuiver coin from Holland with french countermark, and a Portuguese Double Tanga GA-DS coin. The hoard is claimed to have been with a Lankan family for many generations.

I thank Maria an Ancient Language online expert for expanding the Abbreviated Latin legends on coin and translating them.

Text edited from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
  Page 130 Chapter IX-X Dutch