World issues of State coins

@ From 1983 to 2002 the UK issued 1 Pound circulation brass coins with English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Ireland designs on obverse in addition to that of United Kingdom. Each Year had one obverse Logo.
@ In 1992 Canada celebrated it's 125th Anniversary 1867-1992 of confederation with a set of 12 circulation 25 cents coins, issued during that year for the 10 Provinces and 2 Territories.
@ @ From 1999-2009 USA issued Quarters for 50 States, Washington DC and 5 Territories. Five coins were issued each Year of in the order of year the State joined the United States of America. This series has been so popular among coin collectors that it was extended.
@ From 2010 to 2021 America the Beautiful series to be issued at same rate In addition to the cupro-nickel coin from Denver and Philadelphia Mints, a Siver NCLT Proof are issued from the San Fransisco Mint.
@ In 2001 Australia celebrated it's Centenary federation with circulation cupro-nickel coins of 20 cent and 50 cent for each of 9 states.
@ In 2009-2011 Australia Perth Mint issued NCLT Printed Silver and Aluminium Brass coins
@ From 2003-2007 Mexico issued 62 NCLT Silver-Brass Bimetallic coins of 100 Pesos for 180th Anniversary of Union of 31 States and Mexico City.
@ In 2004 Poland issued 12 Zlote Nordic Gold coins for 16 voivodeships (provinces).
@ From 2005 the Russia with 83 federal Subjects has issued so far 34 CuNi-Brass Bimetallic coins, of 10 Rubles with a much smaller number 4 coins issued in 2010 which never circulated.
@ From 2006 the Federal Republic of Germany is issuing 2 Euro Bimetallic coins with Buildings for it's 16 States.
@ Since 2007 the Ukraine has issued some 2 and 5 hryvnia coins for its 24 oblasts (provinces) and one autonomous republic Crimea.
@ @ From 2008 Japan is issuing 1000 yen silver NCLT and 500 yen Cu-Ni Ni-Brass Bimetallic circulating coins for it's 47 Prefectures.
@ From 2010-2012 France issued each year 27 NCLT 10 Euro silver proof coins for it's 27 administrative regions.
@ From 2012 Austria is issuing 10 Euro NCLT coins in Silver and Copper for it's 9 States.

@ 2013 Sri Lanka - 25 district coins all issued on 2014 November 17th.

It is a pity that the Sri Lanka 25 district coins are not being issued individually, say one per month with a function in each district. As listed above almost all series were issued over a period of one or more years, gaining momentum in collector interest over that long period.

I thank Shamik Biswas of India for details of these regional series around the world.