Sri Lanka 25 District Rs10/- Transcript

Transcript of the January 2014 announcement of a new series of Ten Rupee coins representing the 25 Districts of Sri Lanka, in the CBSL Road Map 2014 (slide 149) presented by the Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on 2014 January 2nd. See 45 second comment starting 1:57:17 of the over 2 hour Video posted on YouTube.

1:57:18 - Slide 149

During 2014 we will issue a new series of coins of Rs10 each which will reflect certain unique features of every District. So there will be 25 different obverses in the coin, although the reverse will be the same. It will have some feature of every district being portrayed, so that important recognition of the different features of our country and believe that it will be highly attractive to the coin collectors, as well as children, as well as those who have an interest in our country, and that will be done during the course of 2014.