Sri Lanka - 25 Districts
2013 - Ampara - Ten Rupee

As one of a new series of Ten Rupee coins representing the 25 Districts of Sri Lanka, the coin for Ampara was issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on 2014 November 17. The obverse design depicts Senanayake Samudra as the Economic Agricultural characteristic of Ampara District.

DenominationTen Rupee
AlloyStainless Steel
AISI 430
Diameter26.4 mm
Thickness2.1 mm
Weight8.36 gms
Shape11 sided
MintSlovak Mint
d25_ampara_r10_o 2013_d25_r10_r
KM #

Obverse : Within plain circle, artists impression of Senanayake Samudra and Statue of Hon. D. S. Senanayake. Ampara in Thamil, Sinhala, and English above, and 2013 below along the periphery of the coin.

Reverse : The large numeral 10 at the centre with TEN RUPEES in Sinhala, Thamil and English below. Mint Year 2013 below text, flanked by ears of paddy on either side. SRI LANKA in Sinhala appear at the apex and Tamil and English to left and right side. A geometric design around the periphery.

The Commemorative card issued has line drawing and a brief description including economic activities in district.

For unknown reason the line drawing on this card is a mirror image of illustration on coin.

The Coin obtained from CBSL was scanned at 600 dpi is displayed at 300 dpi.

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