2017 - SRI LANKA - 10 Rupee
Ceylon Tea 150th Anniversary

At the request of the Ceylon Tea Board, a commemorative steel Rs10 circulation will be issued in 2017 August by Central Bank of Sri Lanka with the Ceylon Tea 150th Anniversary logo.

DenominationTen Rupee
AlloyChromium Steel
Diameter26.4 mm
Thickness2.1 mm
Weight8.36 gms
Shape11 sided
2017_tea150_10r_obverse /srilanka/images/srilanka_r10_obverse

Obverse : Logo of the Tea 150th Anniversary with 1867-2017 on top. Wreath composed of six "Two leaves and Bud" on either side. Spotted Ceylon Lion standing facing left with sword in right paw. CEYLON TEA SYMBOL OF QUALITY in two lines below with large 150 at bottom.

Reverse : The large numeral 10 at the centre with TEN RUPEES in Sinhala, Tamil and English below. Mint Year 2017 below text, flanked by ears of paddy on either side. SRI LANKA in Sinhala appear at the apex and Tamil and English to left and right side. A geometric design around the periphery.

The Rs 10 commemorative coin is schedule to be issued to circulation in 2017 August,

The coin will be obtained from CBSL in 2017 August and scanned at 600 dpi and the images displayed at 200 dpi.