2012 - Sri Lanka - 2 Rupee
Sri Lanka Scout Centenary

A commemorative two rupee Nickel plated steel circulation coin was issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on 2012 April 1st to mark the Centenary of the Sri Lanka Scout Movement.

DenominationRupees Two
AlloyNickel Plated Steel
Diameter28.5 mm
Thickness1.5 mm
Weight7.0 gms
Issue 2,000,000
Issue in box100
2011_Rs2_obverse 2011_Rs2_reverse
KM# 189
2011_Rs2_obverse 2011_Rs2_reverse

Obverse : At center the "Fleur de lis" logo of the World Scout Movement localized for Sri Lanka with a lion in the middle, and encircled by Lotus petals to signify peace and prosperity. The words SRI LANKA SCOUT CENTENARY in Sinhala, Tamil and English appear at the top, left and right sides around the Emblem. The rope around signifies the unity of all the National Scout Associations worldwide. "The Centenary theme "Together for a better world" in Sinhala, Tamil and English appear at the top, left and right sides along the periphery. The years 1912 and 2012 at bottom on either side of the Reef knot joining the two ends of rope.
Reverse : Large numeral 2 appears with the value TWO RUPEES in Sinhala, Tamil and English superimposed on the figure. SRI LANKA in Sinhala appear at the apex of the coin and in Tamil and English on left and right side. The year of issue 2012 is at the bottom.

The Nickel plated steel coin has been minted by the Royal Mint, Liantrisant, United Kingdom to the standard Rs. 2/- currently in circulation. The obverse artwork was done by the Sri Lanka National Scout Association.

An advance lot of 100 coins in boxes arrived only in late March, just in time for a few to be gifted to HE the President Mahinda Rajapaksa by Mr. Ajith Nivard Cabraal, the Governor of the CBSL at the opening of the 29th Asia Pacific Region 29th APR and Sri Lanka Centenary Scout Jamboree held in Dambulla Sri Lanka. Enclosed in a circular transparent plastic capsule, it is embedded in a black velvet inside a black rexine covered 9.2x8.6cm box. The Name and Emblem of the Royal Mint on the upper right hand corner embossed in Black. A small black sash to hold a certificate which was not issued, since this was a circulation strike not even as BU (Brilliant Uncirculated). However the coin I got from the advance lot had no bag marks and clearly BU. This was a rush order of coins using an existing authorization by Monetary Board, executed in 2-3 months by Royal Mint.

CBSL issued a Press release on Friday March 30th stating the Scout Centenary Rs 2 coin will be issued on April 1st and released into circulation in 2012 May.

I thank Mr Shiraz Sakih, Deputy Chief Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Scout Association, for giving me a boxed coin, after my donation of Rs3000 (US$23.5) to the Scout Centenary and 29th APR Fund on 2012 April 19th.

Read my article, an edited version of which was published as Scout centenary gets Rs. 2 coin in Sri Lanka Sunday Times on 2012 April 29th.

Coin was scanned at 600 dpi and the images displayed at 200 dpi. Also displayed above are scans of Artwork sent to Royal Mint.

The coins for circulation were issued 6 weeks later on 2012 May 18th. The quality of these coins are poor as shown in image on left. They may have tried to minimize cost by using a less expensive die.

In a sample of 165 coins from a 1000 bag, I found 5 coins which had the same Die Crack. It extended about half the radius out to the rim of the coin at 2 O'clock. The five coins almost show the die cracking, from an hairline, to a significant crack which is clearly visible to the naked eye. Achala who picked up 50 coins before me, and probably from the same bag found 4 of the same crack. Rudy who picked up 100 coins a few days later found none.

I obtained an unopened bag of 1000 coins and looked at all of the coins with a Aspheric 5X magnifier with room light illuminating the coin. I found this better than a 10X self-illuminating magnifier which showed too many scratches and blemishes on the coins. No coin was found with original crack. A dozen coins were found with the same faint hairline around 3 o'clock not visible to naked eye. The text around the periphery. particularly in Tamil was often smudged, few lot worse than on image on left. A few coins had a significant pit bluring the design.

These error coins are not as common on this commemorative as seemed to be indicated by the first bag released.
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