2003 - Sri Lanka - 5 Rupee
Syamopasampada - 250th anniversary

The 3 panel Folder with 10 coins (5 each) issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The main text is only in Sinhala. Sold for Rs100/-, or US$4 including postage abroad.

The folder is nice simple design and good construction. The coins can be taken out an put back. A small central flap as on image above ensures coins don't drop out. A 2nd issue of this folder has a slightly lighter shade of brown on cover and the coins are fully sealed. Very Much better than the coin set issued a few years ago. Not sure if plastic is archival safe since I can smell the PVC. Pity there was not English translation of the text as yet.

In reply to a request I made by E-mail on 2003 July 13th, got informed by CBSL about this folder on 31st July, posted CBSL a US cheque drawn on the State Bank of Ceylon MN, on August 1st, acknowledged on Aug 20th, Cashed Sept 10th and after a reminder on Oct 5th the Folder was posted to me on Oct 13th and arrived to on Oct 19th. This was the first time I got coins from CBSL via post and proves it is possible. The letter and hand addressed and constructed envelope with six red wax seals was fully worth the 3 months wait.

I hope CBSL will make some arrangement, maybe as part of the operation of the Currency Museum, so that numismatic collectors can deposit some money in advance and get new Sri Lanka coins and currency issues by post without needing to wait 3-months.

The Philatelic Bureau in Colombo has done this for collectors both in Lanka and abroad of Sri Lanka Stamps and First Day Covers. I have the oldest domestic standing order with them since 1971.