2000 - Sri Lanka - 1000 Rupee
Central Bank of Sri Lanka
50th Anniversary

A commemorative one thousand rupee crown-sized silver proof coin was issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka on 2000 August 27th for it's 50th Anniversary.

DenominationRupees 1000/-
AlloySilver (925. Ag)
Diameter38.6 mm
Thickness3.0 mm
Weight28.28 gms
2000_Rs1000_obverse 2000_Rs1000_reverse
KM# 165

Obverse : The symbolic Sun in the center within a circle arond which the name SRI LANKA in Sinhala at the top and Tamil and English on left and right side, and year 2000 at bottom. Eight auspicious symbols known as astamangala a depicted around the periphery. They are from top clockwise Sankha (conch), Punkalasa (filled vessel), Srivatsa (Lakshmi), Camara (fly-whisk), Ankusa (elephant goad), Matsy-yugala (pair of fish), Nandyavarta (Curvilinear svastika), Bhadrapitha (auspicious seat).
Reverse : A image of the new Central Bank building within a circle at the center of the coin The legal tender RUPEES in Sinhala, Tamil above the English, with value 1000 to right. CENTRAL BANK OF SRI LANKA in Sinhala on top above the period 1950-2000. In Tamil and English on left and right side with three lotus designs in between.

The coin has been struck with one ounce of sterling silver to the British crown coin size. The Silver Proof coin enclosed in a circular coin case is embedded in black velvet inside a dark Blue 7.5cm square spring hinged box The Emblem of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka printed in gold on top and black on the white satin of the inside cover. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity contains the specifications and the text above in Sinhala, Tamil and English. The edge cardboard outer packing sometimes had a number written in ink by probably for inventory control. The issue price was Rs 1200/- (US$15.25) in Sri Lanka in August 2000.

The coin was scaned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 150dpi. The Proof commemorative coin was obtained from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in 2000

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