1998 - Sri Lanka - 10 Rupee - Bi-Metal
50th Independence Anniversary

Three commemorative coins and a plastic note were issued by Central Bank of Sri Lanka on 1998, February, 4th to mark the 50th Anniversary of Sri Lanka regaining Independence. A Bi-metal 10 rupee coin that circulated was issued together with a five thousand rupee gold sovereign proof coin, and an one thousand rupee crown-sized silver proof coin

DenominationRupees Ten
Diameter27.0/18.0 mm
Thickness2.2 mm
Weight 9.0 gms
EdgeGrained incuse lettering
1998_Rs10__obverse 1998_Rs10__reverse
KM# 158

Obverse : Depicts an image of the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy with the Pattirippuwa (Octagon) in the forefront. The numeral 50 in numerals and the words INDEPENDENCE ANNIVERSARY in Sinhala, Tamil and English against the figure 50 on right side appear below the image. The period 1948 and 1998 is depicted on either side of the apex.

Reverse : Depicts the numerals 10 at the center with TEN RUPEES in Sinhala, Tamil and English on either side, and in Braille above, and the year of issue 1998 below. SRI LANKA in Sinhala. Tamil and English at the top center. The periphery of the coin is surrounded by a traditional Sinhala design in motifs.

Edge: Grained with the incuse letters C B S L four times only in English, as shown in image of rdge. Unlike the edge of Rs 5 coin which has a dot after each letter and is listed in all three languages Sinhala, Tamil and English.

The coin has been struck in Bi-metal. The 18 mm inner circle of the coin is Nickel-Brass and outer ring is in Cupro-Nickel.

The art work of the coins has been done by the Central Bank artist, Mrs Padmanjalee Karunatillake. The coins were minted at the Royal Mint, Wales, United Kingdom. It was issued to collectors in plastic coin sheets with 10 coins each.

This Rs 10/- coin issued to general circulation is the first Bimetal coin from Lanka. There is worldwide Bimetal Collectors interest.
The Rs 10/- is also the first with Braille although I am not sure how practical it is to read in the presence of all the other raised text.
In 2001 since the Rupees 10/- currency note was still in circulation you saw it only infrequently in change.

The coin was put into circulation but is not seen very much. It seems that coins don't circulate well in parallel with currency notes of same denomination. In the USA the US$ coin doesn't with the $ note even after a lot of TV adverts and publicity. Now for the 2nd time a US$ a US$ coin has been abandoned after few years.

The coins were scaned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 200dpi. The edge was scaned at 600dpi and image is displayed at 400dpi. A Set of Ten uncirculated coins were issued to collectors sealed in plastic coin holder.

The CBSL leaflet on The History of Money describing this coin in the last sentence of the Text says The edge of this coin is milled with the letters CBSL in Sinhala, Tamil and English in incused letering.. The author probably never looked at the coin. I find it strange to not have the Sinhala and Tamil lettering like the standard Rs 5/- coin particularly on this independence issue. The current officers of the central bank was surprised when I pointed out this discrepency while meeting them in 2001 December.

The uncirculated Rs 10/- coin was obtained from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

I am looking for the 10-coin holder of which I show image from Dr Srilal Fernando's collection.

Media Report CDN 1998 02 06