1993 - Sri Lanka - 500 Rupee
Anubudu Mihindu Jayanthiya
2300th Anniversary

A commemorative five hundred rupee crown-sized silver proof coin was issued by Central Bank of Sri Lanka on 1993 June 4th for the 2300th Anniversary of the arrival of Buddha's teachings in Sri Lanka, via Arahat Mahinda, the son of the great King Asoka of Maghada in Jambudwipa (India).

DenominationRupees 500/-
AlloySilver (925. Ag)
Diameter38.6 mm
Thickness3.2 mm
Weight28.28 gms
1993_Rs500_obverse 1993_Rs500_reverse
KM# 154

Obverse : A symbolic representation of the first ever meeting of Arahant Mahinda with King Devanampivatissa at the Missaka Pabbata (Mihintale Rock) near Anuradhapura. The Dhamma Chakka (The wheel of Dhamma) symbolically represent Arahant Mahinda as well and Buddha Dhamma. The words ANUBUDU MIHINDU JAYANTHIYA in Sinhala at the apex, and in Tamil and English on either side with the numerals 2300 at the bottom along the periphery.
Reverse : A stylised Bodhi Tree representing the sacred Bo Tree at Buddha Gaya, seated at the foot of which Buddha attained Enlightenment. Also depicted is the ornamental golden railing around the Sacred Bodhi Tree. The year of issue 1993 with the corresponding Buddhist year 2537 appear on the side of the Bodhi Tree. The words SHRI LANKA in Sinhala at the apex, and in Tamil and English on either side. The numerals 500 and the value FIVE HUNDRED RUPEES in Sinhala at the bottom and in Tamil and English on either side along the periphery.

The Silver Proof coin enclosed in a hard clear plastic circular coin capsule is embedded in yellow velvet inside a beige 7.5 cm square spring hinged box with a enlarged 6 cm reverse of the coin printed in silver on top. The Emblem of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka is printed on the white satin in the inside cover. The edge of cardboard outer packing has SL922AAB and date 17.06.93 printed on it. Probably date of manufacture and based on earlier date of issue, and the quantity minted this date could differ skightly. The issue price of 5000 Proofs in presentation box was Rupees 700/- (US $14.50). The remainder issued at face value (US$10) in plastic capsule. CBSL confirm that they too were frosted-Proof.

The coin was scaned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 150dpi. The Proof commemorative coin was obtained from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

This is the only Lanka coin to use the altered spelling `Shri' introduced by President Premadasa and used on Lanka Stamps issued between June 1992 and December 1993.