1991 - Sri Lanka - 100 Rupee
South Asian Federation Games V

Two commemorative coins were issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in December 1991 for the South Asian Federation (SAF) Games V was held in Colombo. An one hundred rupee silver proof coin was issued together with a five hundred rupee gold proof coin.

DenominationRupees 100/-
AlloySilver (.925Ag)
Diameter22.2/29.4 mm
Thickness2.6 mm
Weight10.2 gms
ShapeSquare with curved edge
1991_Rs100_obverse 1991_Rs100_reverse
KM# 152

Obverse : Symbols of the sun. and the moon symbolising eternity. the lion depicting the symbol of the national flag and the elephant which is the mascot of the SAF Games. `SRI LANKA in Sinhala in the bottom centre and in Tamil and English on either side.
Reverse : Roman letter V at the apex, the logo of the SAF Games, year of issue 1991, SAF GAMES COLOMBO in English, the legal tender value of the coin ONE HUNDRED RUPEES in Sinhala, Tamil, English and below in numerals 100.

The Silver coin has been designed similar to the ancient silver coins known as "Masuran" or "Puranas" used during 5th century B. C. to 2nd century A. D. and found in Pakistan. India. Nepal and Sri Lanka.

The square shape is known in coin Jargon as a "Klippe", from the shape of Siege Coins made from stamping planchet clipped from sheet metal. This in addition to the animal images has created and added interest in this commeorative among thematic coin collectors.

The Silver Proof coin enclosed in a circular coin case is embedded in black velvet inside a beige 7.6 cm square spring hinged box with a plain silver 6.0 cm square printed on top. The Emblem of the SAF games is printed in black on the white satin of the inside cover. An information sheet with the specifications and the text above in English. The edge of cardboard outer packing has SL91SPX and date 22.10.91 printed on it. Probably date of manufacture. The issue price was Rs 250/- (US$ 6.). It was the first commemorative issue released at higher than face to cover cost of production.

The number of Proofs minted. 2001 Sept Fax from CBSL lists 20K, but Krause lists 14K. There was may be an subsequent order. In the 2010 Oct Monthly Bulletin states an issue Rs2 million of Rs100 coins which matches.

The coin was scaned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 250dpi. The proof commemorative coins were obtained from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.