1990 - Sri Lanka - 500 Rupee
Central Bank of Sri Lanka - 40th Anniversary
Frosted Proof

A commemorative five hundred rupee crown-sized frosted Proof silver coin sold by the Royal Mint and issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka August 1990 to VIPS at it's 40th Anniversary.
DenominationRupees 500/-
AlloySilver (925. Ag)
Diameter38.6 mm
Thickness2.9 mm
Weight28.28 gms
Proof 200+2000
1990_Rs500_obverse 1990_Rs500_reverse
KM# 150

Obverse : The Central Bank logo with the legend FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY, in Sinhala above the logo, and in Tamil and English on either side. The period 1950-1990 appears below.
Reverse : A image of the Central Bank building in the center of the coin flanked by the words SRI LANKA in Sinhala at the bottom, and Tamil and English on either side. The numerals 500 and the legal tender value FIVE HUNDRED RUPEES in Sinhala, Tamil and English is above the image.

The coin was modelled by Ian Rank-Broadley and struck to the highest Proof standard at the Royal Mint, Llantrisant, Mid Glamorgan CF72 8YT, Wales, United Kingdom.

The frosted Proof coin enclosed in a circular coin case is embedded in black velvet inside a Red leatherette 7.6cm square spring hinged box with a plain gold 6 cm square printed on top. The Emblem of the Royal Mint is printed in black on the white satin in the inside cover. An information sheet contains the specifications and the text in English. They were not issued to the public in Lanka, but Two hundred were given to dignitaries at the anniversary celebrations. Authorised by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka the additional 2000 were sold directly by the Royal Mint for US$60 to collectors abroad.

This CBSL 40th Anniv frosted proof coin is NOT on display at the CBSL Currency Museum.

Released to public in Lanka was a Brillent Uncirculated coin

The coin was scaned at 600dpi and the images are displayed at 150dpi. I purchased a Frosted Proof in original Royal Mint Box in 2002 March on ebay from a dealer in US. Another was listed soon after by Eddie Smith of England who provided me the information about the sale by the RoyalMint.
Some of the Proof coins which remained unsold by the RoyalMint may have been sent to CBSL. I did understand from a converstion at CentralBank counter that some of this coin with red box had been issued by the CBSL few years ago. a hoard of 10 Frosted Proof CBSL 40th Anniv. coins without boxes appeared in the local Numismatic market, with 10 BU CBSL 40th Anniv. coins.