1976 - Sri Lanka - 5 Rupee
Non-Aligned Nations Conference

Two commemorative coins were issued by Central Bank of Ceylon in August 1976 for the Fifth Summit Conference of the Non-Aligned Nations held in Colombo. A five rupee nickel coin was issued together with a two rupee cupro-nickel coin into circulation.

DenominationRupees Five
AlloyPure nickel
Diameter32.84 mm
Thickness2.4 mm
Weight13.60 gms
Shape10 equal
straight sides.
Proof 500+500
1976_Rs5_obverse 1976_Rs5_reverse
KM# 143

Obverse : A image of the venue, the Bandaranaike Memorial International conference Hall, and the words NON-ALIGNED NATIONS CONFERENCE and the year of issue 1976 is at the bottom. Same text in Sinhala and Tamil on either side.
Reverse : Large numeral 5 appears with the value FIVE RUPEES superimposed on the figure in Sinhala, Tamil and English. SRI LANKA in Sinhala appear at the apex of the coin and in Tamil and English on either side.

The two coin proof sets are embedded in dark blue velvet inside a dark blue 13.0 by 6.0 cm rectangular spring hinged box with a 3.0 cm diameter the Emblem of the Central Bank of Ceylon printed in gold on top. The Emblem of the Royal Mint is printed in black on the white satin in the inside cover. Each of the two round slots has a purple ribbon to lift the coin out. The Rs 5 coin fits on the right, but the two coins were issued sealed in a single double compartment plastic sheet.

CBSL confirmed the number of Proofs minted is 500 (as listed by Sallay). However the Krause listing of 1000 from the Annual Report of the Royal Mint probably reflects additional cased sets sold directly by the RoyalMint.

The coin was scaned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 200dpi. The uncirculated commemorative coins were obtained from the Central Bank of Ceylon. I purchased a pair of proof coins from a dealer in Germany, and was glad to obtain in February 2002 a proof set in original case with W.P.N.A. in Pittsburgh, USA.