1968 - Sri Lanka - 2 Rupee
U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization

A commemorative rwo rupee cupro-nickel coin was issued by Central Bank of Ceylon into circulation on 1968 October 16th coincident with the Second World Food Congress, when the first draft of the Indicative World Plan for Agricultural Development was presented under the auspices of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

DenominationRupees Two
Diameter31.5 mm
Weight12.35 gms
Thickness2.2 mm
EdgeSecurity 1
1968_Rs2_obverse 1968_Rs2_reverse
KM# 134

Obverse : Imprint of the statue traditionally believed to be that of King Parakramabahu the Great (1053-1186), which surmounting a basketful of paddy, flanked on either side by ears of paddy. GROW MORE FOOD in Sinhala appear at the apex of the coin and in Tamil and English on the left and right sides along the periphery.
Reverse : Large numeral 2 appears with the value TWO RUPEES superimposed on the figure in Sinhala, Tamil and English. `Sri Lanka' in Sinhala appear at the apex of the coin and in Tamil and English (CEYLON) on the left and right sides. The year of issue 1968 is at the bottom.

About 800 years ago, Parakramabahu the great built Lanka's famous irregation system which the government is now reconstructing. The coin underlines national efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in rice by the early 1970s.
The obverse design by Mr W. M. Gardner. At issue, specimens could be ordered from the Bank of Ceylon, P.O.Box 241, Colombo, Ceylon at US$1.50 each.

The Royal Mint moved in 1968 from Tower of London to Llantrisant in Wales so all future coins issues were minted in Wales not London. need toc confirm where this coin was minted.

The coin was scanned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 200dpi. The uncirculated commemorative coin was obtained from the Central Bank of Ceylon.