Tatham & CO, Colombo, Ceylon
Sudduwelle Mills

A copper Token struck for Tatham & Co Colombo Ceylon, for use in the Sudduwelle Mills at Slave Island in Colombo and issued between 1861 and 1866.

Denomination pence
Diameter29 mm
Thickness mm
Weight8.81 gms
sudduwelle_mills_obverse sudduwelle_mills_reverse
Lowsley #33 Pridmore #102

, in three lines, and with ornamental scrolls between the lines within beaded circle inside raised rim.
in two lines between ornamental scrolls, within beaded circle inside raised rim.

An extremely well-struck copper token, larger than a bronze halfpenny. The mills are said to have been at Slave Island, Colombo, and the tokens were doubtless issued under the usual conditions and circumstances.

TATHAM & CO. Very little can be traced of this firm. In 1843 a Robert Dawson established himself as a merchant, estate and coal agent. In 1854 Thomas Dickson joined him and the firm became Dawson, Dickson & Co. The partners parted company in 1860 and Thomas Dickson started the firm under the name Thomas Dickson & Co. with Christopher Tatham as partner. The name was again changed in 1863 to Dickson, Tatham & Co.
Tatham was a nephew of Duncan Dunbar, the millionaire owner of the Dunbar Line of first class sailing ships.
Thomas Dickson retired in the early 1860s and Tatham took over the entire business. The management of the firm under Christopher Tathain was not a success and it went into liquidation in 1866.
The Suduwelle Mills were at a later date the stores of Mackwoods & Co. The tokens appear to have been issued after Dickson left Ceylon in 1861 and while Tatham was the sole proprietor.

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I thank Shiran Cruse, Kandy, Sri Lanka, for the scans of this token from his collection now with me.