Incuse C Y ½ punched on Brass disk
Unidentified - Pridmore #26

A Locally manufactured piece of unknown Issuer, listed by Pridmore under Ceylon.

Denomination½ Unit
Diameter21 mm
Thickness mm
Weight3.53 gms
cy_1h_obverse cy_1h_reverse
Pridmore #26
Obverse : C Y
Reverse : blank

The number ½ is assumed to represent a half task. See also C Y 1 full task token. The existance of 1 for full task and smaller ½ for half task stamped incuse, is the justification of them being called coffee tokens.
Both listed in Dick Ford Collection (1995 Feb 23 Taisei-Baldwin-Gillio Auction#19 lot #268 part).

There many such locally manufactured tokens of similar fabric and style with issuer unknown.
For example AW 1 P#7 full token; MD 1 P#71 token; TK 1 token; P#103 half token;

* The Coins of British Commonwealth of Nations to the end of the reign of George VI 1952 Part 2 - Asian Territories by F. Pridmore Spink & Son Ltd., 1965.

Image of token ex Pridmore Collection from B&W print scanned from catalog and colorized with Photo-Shop. Displayed at 250 dpi.