Carson Morris & Co.
Borella Mills - Colombo

Not illustrated in Pridmore, described by him from a Rubbing.
Diameter24 mm
Thickness mm
Weight?.?? gms
P15_obverse P15_reverse
Pridmore #P15
& Co.
an ornament above and below.
A Tea Bush

Carson, an assistant in 1857 of A. & B. Scott (see No. 88) left this firm in 1860 to start a small import business on his own under the title Carson & Co. Ltd. His office was in Baillie Street, Fort, Colombo. G. B. Carson and George Morris were his assistants. In 1864, G. B. Carson and George Morris left the firm and R. B. Carson then became associated with C. A. Morris under the name and style of Carson, Morris & Co.

The development of the importing side of the business was continued, the connections at this time consisting to a large extent of Manchester houses exporting cotton goods. An estates agency bad also been started some years earlier and it is perhaps to this side of the business that the Borella Mills token refers.

C. A. Morris retired in 1871 and R. B. Carson decided upon a reconstruction. Another partner was brought into the business and the firm name was changed to Carson & Co. The firm continued under this name until 1913 when it was formed into a limited company. This was the first example of the conversion of an Agency firm in Colombo into a limited liability company.

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