185? - G.&W. Leechman
Hultsdorf Mills, 9d

An extreamly thin Tin token issued by G.&W. Leechman for Hultsdorf Mills and represents the Full task value of picking a full bag (one cwt) of clean coffee, or 9d.
Denomination9 pence
Diameter32 mm
Thickness mm
Weight1.49 gms
leechman_9_obverse leechman_9_reverse
Lowsley #16 Pridmore #63

Obv. - L
(an Integer)
Rev. - Blank (except for Mirror image of Stamp)

The token was in use about the year 1855, and discontinued in the year 1872.
Each of these tokens represented 9d., and was given for the picking of a hundred-weight of coffee.
The number stamped on the reverse was a check against fraud.
There was often, but not always, a rough hole for suspension.

G. & W. LEECHMAN, This firm originated in a Company called ``The Hultsdorf Mills Co. (Ceylon) Ltd.'' founded in London to develop the Mill called ``Belmont Oil Mill'' (in Belmont Street) founded in 1835 on a tract of land on the banks of the Canal at Hultsdorf. The name of Hultsdorf itself commemorates the name of General Hulft (Governor of Ceylon during the Dutch regime).
On the death in 1840 of the founder of the Mill, the new management christened it as ``Hultsdorf Mills, Colombo '', the name perpetuated by the vulcanite tokens. Crushing machinery for coconut oil was installed. A saw mill was erect and in 1855 soap making was added to the mill's activities. In 1865 when the Hultsdorf Mills Co. went into liquidation the property was acquired by G. B. Leechman who with his brother William Carey Leechman as partner, founded the firm of G. & W. Leechman. It is the initial letters of the name of this firm which appear on the tokens.
In 1886 a new competitor in the person of Philipp Freudeoberg entered the field (see Token No. 36). He took out a lease of the Hultsdorf Mills and later, in 1896, purchased the premises. In the meantime, Leechman had erected a modern mill at Grandpass.

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I thank Bob Lyall of UK, for the scans of this token from his collection.