J.H & G.S countermarked AO
Gona Adika Estate

A token issued for the Gona Adika Estate, in Kadugannawa, in Kandy District, which has been countermarked on obverse with large AO

Denomination pence
Diameter27.5 mm
Thickness mm
Weight5.93 gms
gona_adika_full_ao_obverse gona_adika_full_ao_reverse
Lowsley #Unlisted Pridmore #48a

Obverse : J.H & G.S countermarked with large AO
within beaded circle inside raised rim.
Reverse : GONA
within beaded circle inside raised rim.

For more details see the original token without counter mark
. There is also Half Value Token with diameter 22.3 mm and weight 3.36 grams (Pridmore #49) which has been similarly countermarked.

The countermark has been described at VO in Pridmore, but correctly described as AO in more recent publications.

J. H. & G. S. These initials have not been identified. The Gona Adika is an estate
of over 1,000 acres situated in Kadugannawa in the Kandy District. It appears for the first time in the Ceylon Almanac for the year 1860, the proprietor being T. R. Tucker. In 1883 the proprietors were A. G. Milne & Co. of London, who acquired many of the important interests of Keir Dundas & Co. when that firm went into liquidation.

* The Coins of British Commonwealth of Nations to the end of the reign of George VI 1952 Part 2 - Asian Territories by F. Pridmore Spink & Son Ltd., 1965. Tokens

The token was scanned at 600 dpi and the images are displayed at 200 dpi.
I thank Bob Lyall of UK, for the scans of this token from his collection.