> 1870 - 19 Cents

A 19 Cents Token issued by D. P. P & Co in Ceylon after 1870. It was probably struck in England.

Denomination 19 Cents
Diameter24.5 mm
Thickness mm
Weight4.40 gms
dppco_19c_obverse dppco_19c_reverse
Lowsley #L23 Pridmore #78

Obv. : --.--
within a beaded circle inside raised rim.
Rev. : 19
within a beaded circle inside raised rim.

4½D converts to 18¾ cents at the legal 50 cents per shilling rate adopted for Decimal currency in 1870. 18½ or 19 Cents have been used on Ceylon Coffee Tokens.

A well-struck token with beaded circle on both sides, and in size rather smaller than a bronze halfpenny. It may have been issued by the firm, David Perera Perera, of Colombo. but this identification is uncertain. The specimens which Lowsley found were from Colombo.
Lowsley gives an issue date of 1865 which is clearly wrong by Cents denomination.

* Coins and Tokens of Ceylon, Lieut. Col B. Lowsley, Num. Chron. Sr III Vol. XV, 1895.
* The Coins of British Commonwealth of Nations to the end of the reign of George VI 1952 Part 2 - Asian Territories by F. Pridmore Spink & Son Ltd., 1965. Tokens

The token was scanned at 600 dpi and the images are displayed at 250 dpi.
I thank Bob Lyall of UK, for the scans of this token from his collection.