CPC (Ceylon Plantation Co.)
Full Task Value

A brass token issued by Ceylon Plantation Co. and represents the Full task value of picking a full bag (one cwt) of clean coffee, or 9d.

Diameter28 mm
Thickness mm
Weight5.91 gms
cpc_full_obverse cpc_full_reverse
Lowsley #5 Pridmore #20

Obv. : Monogram CPC (Ceylon Plantation Co.) within beaded circle inside raised rim
Rev. : Blank (sometimes with letter E stamped incuse.) - within beaded circle inside raised rim

This token is well struck, doubtless minted in England.

See also Half Task Value token.

CEYLON PLANTATION CO. This was one of the earliest companys floated in Ceylon for the cultivation of coffee, cinchona, and later, tea.
It was under the auspices of the Ceylon Plantation Company that the great George Wall (see Nos. 107-110) took up the acting managership on his arrival in Ceylon in 1846. The office of the company was in Kandy and George Wall took up his residence at Haramby (or Aramba) House which was subsequently occupied by the Kandy Club in the nineties and is now the Hotel Suisse. Wall was manager of the company until he went to Colombo in 1850 to open his own business.

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The token was scanned at 600 dpi and the images are displayed at 200 dpi.
I thank Bob Lyall of UK, for the scans of this token from his collection.