Ceylon Coffee Tokens with Initials

Tabulated below are a selection of machine minted well-struck copper tokens of very similer design and size with the initials of persons or companies on obverse and value on reverse, which have been cataloged and many identified in Pridmore. They were used in 19th century British colonial Ceylon during the era of coffee plantations.

@ P#38L#11 J. P. G. Plain22.0 mm3.53 gms4D½J. P. Green & Co
@ P#42L#24 G. R. P. & C OPlain24.0 mm3.49 gms4D½ 
@ P#72  M. D. D. & CO..Grained24.5 mm4.03 gms4D½ 
@ P#111L#39 M. W. & C OGrained24.5 mm4.08 gms4D½Mathes Williams & Co
@ P#60  K. S. & C OGrained24.5 mm4.10 gms4D½Keir, Swan & Co
@ P#41L#10 D. V. G. Grained24.5 mm4.14 gms4D½D. V. Gunaratne
@ P#78L#23 D. P. P. & C OPlain24.5 mm4.40 gms19 CentsD. P. Perera(?)

4½D converts to 18¾ cents at the legal 50 cents per shilling rate adopted for Decimal currency in 1870. 18½ or 19 Cents have been used on Ceylon Coffee Tokens.

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