G W & CO (George Wall & Co)
half Value

A brass token issued by George Wall & Co. of Colombo, Ceylon, representing half the value of the C token and the M token tokens. i.e. 2¼d which was revalued to 6¼ cents after decimal coinage was issued in 1870.

Denomination pence
Diameter23.5 mm
Thickness mm
Weight4.17 gms
gwco_half_obverse gwco_half_reverse
gwco_half_obverse gwco_half_reverse
gwco_half_cm_obverse gwco_half_cm_reverse
Lowsley Unlisted; Pridmore #110

Obverse : Monogram GW&CO (George Wall & Co) within a beaded circle inside raised rim.
Reverse : Blank within a beaded circle inside raised rim.
Stamped incuse with centered Integers 3 and 13

The incuse numeral appears to be for the purpose of control. Since the two digits 3 are different on my token, it must be 3 and 13 rather than 133, Curiously the Central 3 is of the same font type with flat top as the small 3 in the lower token.

Pridmore gives weight as 3.15 grams, significantly lower than my specimen. Maybe an typo in Pridmore as the full weight token is 7.90 grams.

For more details see the larger C token associated with the name of George Wall.

The tokens were scanned at 600 dpi and the images are displayed at 250 dpi.
The top token was purchased from a dealer in Colombo in 2011 October. I thank Bob Lyall of UK, for the scans of the lower two tokens from his collection.