Incuse number punched on Ceylon copper cent
Unidentified- Pridmore #116

An unidentified counterstamped token on Ceylon copper cent of George V issued between (1912-1929) listed by Pridmore under Miscellaneous.

Denomination pence
Diameter22.5 mm
Thickness0.9 mm
Weight4.5? gms
gv_1c_cm_12_obverse gv_1c_cm_12_reverse
Pridmore #116

Obverse : 12 stamped incuse on smoothened reverse surface of George V cent.
Reverse : blank except for residual of George V on coin obverse.

Pridmore notes that both sides have been obliterated by heavy and careful pressure. Associated with this are other copper pieces of the same size but both sides blank. These are not uncommon. He assumes the numerals indicate 12 cents.

Use as currency would require existence of many tokens with same numeral 12.
Another similar obliterated copper coin token in the Lakdiva collection is stamped 059 seem to indicate they were used as control chits.


Image of token ex Pridmore collection from B&W print scanned ex Dick Ford Collection (1995 Feb 23 Taisei-Baldwin-Gillio Auction#19 lot #295 part), and colorized with Photo-Shop. Displayed at 300 dpi.