Freundenberg & Co Colombo

An Aluminium control Token used at Freundenberg & Co Colombo.
Diameter30 mm
Thickness mm
Weight2.15 gms
freundenberg_obverse freundenberg_reverse
Lowsley #Unlisted Pridmore #P36
& Co
within dots and semi-circles along raised rim. Hole on top with raised rim for suspension.
Reverse : 12 (incuse) within dots and semi-circles along raised rim, plain hole on top.

According to Pridmore, Numerals observed are 12 and 70 and were apparently a form of control.

This firm was founded on the 1st July 1873 by Philipp Freudenberg, the Imperial German Consul of the time in Colombo. Originally, only produce of Ceylon coffee on continental account was handled, but eventually other branches of trade were taken up such as the export and import of most articles, and the manufacture of oil and artificial manures. The oil mills and manure works at Hultsdorf covered 13 acres of land. These oil mills were originally founded by a David Wilson in 1835. In the sixties they passed into the hands of Messrs. Antony Gibbs Sc Sons, London, and they were leased by them to Messrs. G. Sc W. Leechman (see tokens Nos. 63-66). G. Sc W. Leechman held the oil mills until 1885, when they were leased in 1886 by Freudenberg & Co. who eventually purchased them in 1896. The oil mills were totally destroyed by fire in 1898. Rebuilt on a more extensive scale and equipped with the most up to date machinery the mill remained in the hands of Freudenberg & Co. until the Great War (1914-1918). The mills and other assets of the company became enemy property in 1914.

In Ceylon, these pieces are regarded, not as tokens, but as clocking-in tickets.

* The Coins of British Commonwealth of Nations to the end of the reign of George VI 1952 Part 2 - Asian Territories by F. Pridmore Spink & Son Ltd., 1965. Tokens

This token from Pridmore Collection (1982 Oct. 18 - Glendening & Co Auction lot #62 part),
then Dick Ford Collection (1995 Feb 23 Taisei-Baldwin-Gillio Auction#19 lot #270 part),
then Robert Climpson Collection (2007 Jul 25 Noble Auction#85 lot #2298 part).
Image from reauction 2009 September 29 Baldwin Auction#62 (lot #798 part) displayed at 200 dpi.