GS&Co (George Steuart & Co)
counterstamped on 1802 Ceylon One Stivers

This 1802 Ceylon One Stiver is Counter Marked GS&CO by the firm of George Steuart & Co. merchants, bankers, estate and commission agents, was started in 1835, who issued these counter-marked tokens from 1843.
Denomination6 pence
Diameter30.5 mm
Thickness mm
Weight10.08 gms
1802_gsco_cm_1s_obverse 1802_gsco_cm_1s_reverse
Lowsley #Unlisted Pridmore #94

Obverse : Horizontal upright CounterStamp GS&Co on obverse of 1802 coin minted in England with Elephant.
Reverse : Indent by counterstamp on Ceylon Government one stiver.

From 1843 George Steuart & Co countermarked (GS&CO) local copper coins. The English-struck stivers of 1802 and 1815 and halfpennies (1826-1859) were assigned a value for use at 6 pence and the half-farthings (1828-1856) was 4 pence.

For more details see GS&Co. countermarked half-farthing token.

This token is ex Carnegie Museum of Natural History Collection (lot 882 part), and images from 2007 July 25 Noble Auction#85 (lot #2302 part), ex Robert Climpson Collection. Displayed at 200 dpi.