J. M. Robertson & Co.
1868 - Oil Yard, Colombo.

Brass Tokens struck in London were issued around 1868 by a coffee planting company founded in 1849 by J. Murray Robertson. A large coffee-curing Oil Yard (O.Y.) at Slave Island. in Colombo, Ceylon.

Each token about the size of the bronze penny represented 4½d. or 18¾ cents, being the amount paid at that time for picking ewt. of clean coffee.

Denomination pence
Diameter31 mm
Weight10.17 gms
robertson_oy_obverse robertson_oy_reverse
Lowsley #21 Pridmore #80

Obverse : J. M. ROBERTSON & Co.
-+- COLOMBO -+-
hole bored in centre for suspension, and
 O Y
placed crosswise around the hole.
Reverse : A broad belt of very elaborate scroll-work between beaded circles.

The Oil-yard Mills, situated in Slave Island, Colombo. The mills employed about one thousand hands.

See nearby Vauxhall Mills (V.M.) token page for more details.

The coin was scanned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 200dpi.
The very fine condition coin was obtained from a collector Chrysantha Goonatelleke in Lanka in 2000, September.