Ceylon Company Limited
St. Sebastian Mills - C

The tokens were struck in London about the year 1866, by the Ceylon Company Ltd., established in 1863 in Colombo, Ceylon, for use at the St. Sebastian Mills.

Denomination9 pence
Diameter31. mm
Thickness1.8 mm
Weight12.63 gms
sebastian_mills_c_obverse sebastian_mills_c_reverse
Atkins #96 Lowsley #30 Pridmore #17 Mitchiner #2235
Obverse : a tame elephant facing left with CEYLON COMPANY LIMITED . * . along the periphary between a plain circle and beaded circle inside raised rim.
Reverse : C at center - ST. SEBASTIAN MILLS . * . along the periphary between a plain circle and beaded circle inside raised rim.

C token is said to have represented 9d., for picking a full bag of coffee, or double the weight of token B, and is 31 mm in diameter with an Weight about 12.63 grams.

See a wild Elephant variety in a Proof or Sample specimen of this C token.
See also countermarked examples of this C token.

The tokens represented payments for picking certain fixed quantities of coffee, and were redeemable on Saturdays by actual cash as allowed for the quantities to which each referred; thus, the A token is said to have represented 2¼d., for a quarter bag; the B token was 4½d., being for half a bag, or cwt.; and the C token for 9d., or a full bag, or 1 cwt.

These tokens were struck in London are well designed and struck. The St. Sebastian Mills at the time of issue employed about one thousand five hundred hands. The site of these important mills being San Sebastian Hill, Maradana, Colombo.

CEYLON COMPANY LTD. This company was established in 1863 to take over the extremely successful enterprises of G. and M. B. Worms of 19 Baillie Street, Colombo (1842-1862).
The Ceylon establishment was managed by j. Mercer and C. B. Smith. The company undertook the following business
(1) Advanced money to owners of Coffee Estates upon condition that the produce be consigned to the Company for curing and for sale.
(2) Advanced money on coffee crops growing and gathered, under the same conditions as (1) above.
(3) Undertook the Agency and General management of Estates and also the receiving and disposing in London or Ceylon of consignments of coffee and other produce.
In 1883 the Company owned St. Sebastion Mills for Coffee and Grandpass for Tea. Successfully operated for many years, a new Company was formed in 1888 under the title of The Eastern Produce and Estates Co., Ltd.

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The token was scanned at 300dpi and the images are displayed at 200dpi. The AU C token was won on E_bay in 2002 December from a dealer in CA-USA.