Keir, Dundas & Co.
1866 - Kandy - Elephant

Brass Tokens struck in London and issued in 1866, by company founded in 1854 by Simon Keir, who was a planter in 1850 with partners G. H. Dnndas and Captain John Keith Jolly. A large enterprise of estate agents, general merchants and forwarding agents with office in Kings Street, Kandy, Ceylon.
Diameter26.6 mm
Thickness1.8 mm
Weight7.04 gms
kdco_elephant_obverse kdco_elephant_reverse
Lowsley #13 Pridmore #53

Obverse : Monogram K. D. & Co. within a beaded circle inside raised rim.
Reverse : A elephant facing left, within a beaded circle inside raised rim.

This token is always bored for suspension with a small circular hole above the elephant.
It was used at St. Sebastian Mills, Colombo (opposite side of the canal to the Ceylon Company's mills).

For more details on K. D. & Co. see the page on the tortoise token.

This image is from a Netherland dealer listing. It is scanned at 300 dpi and displayed at 200 dpi I won this token in that eBay auction in 2004 February. This type of token was offered to me by a collector in Colombo but it had been silver plated.